Past Productions

The Bat Where Do I belong?

2014 & 2015 Tamarind Theatre & Mukul and Ghetto Tigers London and Bangladesh


A charming tale of identity and belonging. A young Bat hidden away through the winter misses his family who have flown away. Thinking they have abandoned him for sleeping too long. The Bat meets a wandering Boatman. He offers tea, to calm the distressed creature. He tells of his tales in the land of the birds and animals, and the struggle to be himself, inspite of cristicism and ridicule for not being whom others expect. Finally gains a message from the Boatman to help him see life a little differently.

This production was also transferred and performed by Students at Chittagong University Music & Drama Department. A highly inventive and ingenious production directed by Mukul Ahmed and suitable for all ages. Fun and laughter and tears Boo Hoo!