Past Productions

Purnima & The Enchanted Necklace

2007, 2009, 2015, 2022


When Tamarind began, thi swas a first production. Inspired by several Bengali folk tales (such as Saat Bhai Champa or Shakauntala) This intriquing story tale has entertained audiences of all ranges, schools, communities and festivals including Hampton Court Palace.

The tale consists of the relationship of a elderly mother and her only child Purnima. She is a rebel and never adheres to any of the stereotypes or expected norms of society. This unorthodox child is happy go lucky btrash and loved by all. Her mother worried of her future embarks on an adventure to find a better future. On their travels, they encounter a mother rabbit who lost her children and irate shop keepers who fear a horrible sorceress.

With the help of a sleeping prince, and faced by a dangerous and scheming witch who intends to crown herself ruler of a kingdom with her smelly spells, Prurnima must use all her skills and talents to save the day and keep from arguing with her mother. Can she do it?

This enchanting and fast paced tale has always been a show stopper and entertained audiences and helped to further debate on improving and understandfing family relationships and responsibilities; and that we cannot take each other for granted. Also that our furture is in our own hands. (40 min) English with Bengali, movement song and audience interaction.