Past Productions

The Two Headed Bird

2014 & 2015 Tamarind Theatre & Mukul and Ghetto Tigers London Idea Store Watney Market and Festivals


The Two Headed Bird was the story inspired by a poem form the Pancha Tantra (Ocean of Stories) from India. Presented in the form of a folk take by Tamarind Theatre (writer Rez Kabir) and directed by Mukul Ahmed as a collaboration with Mukul and Ghetto Tigers. The venue was the Idea Store (Watney Market) Tower Hamlets.
It featured live music, song and dance, a strong story of mischievevous well meaning young fisherman Tarun who went in search of magical two headed bird. Only to learn the challenges which lie ahead jeapodizes his future and thos of his friends. Exploring enviroment, relationships and balancing human and animal relationship and existence. With energy and humour and lots of colour and entertainment. In English with elements of Bangla
for 7years and upwards family audience.