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Beyond the Rebel Nazrul Islam Tamarind Theatre & Mukul and Ghetto Tigers production

22nd October - 11am 2022


Tamarind Theatre Company
by Rez Kabir

(Bloomsbury Festival) Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

An event of music, song and dance highlighting the works of Bengali poet Nazrul Islam.
Tamarind Theatre proud to perform Beyond The Rebel Nazriul Islam. With recitations by Sreyashi Koyal and songs by Tanusree Guha, Rafi Kharis (violin) and Rez Kabir and dance by Yousaf Ratul.

Exploring Nazrul's exceptional work on equality and freedom especially women and children.
A celebration of his life and works beyond 1923 and after his Bidrohi (Rebel) era.
At Conway Hall, London. 50min in English and Bengali language.

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